Scientific Firsts

Members of the Virtus Group network have played important roles in many of Australia’s fertility treatment breakthroughs. Here are just a few examples:

  • A/Prof John McBain, fertility specialist at Melbourne IVF, was part of the Melbourne Egg Project team responsible for the conception and birth of Australia’s first IVF conceived child,
  • Emeritus Professor Doug Saunders and Dr Ric Porter, fertility specialists with IVF Australia, were part of the team responsible for the first IVF birth in NSW,
  • Founders of Queensland Fertility Group helped to achieve the state’s first IVF conception, and Dr Doug Keeping (fertility specialist with QFG) delivered this baby,
  • Dr Leeanda Wilton (Melbourne IVF) is an international leader in the field of genetic testing, and developed Advanced Embryo Selection technology.
  • A/Prof Kate Stern (Melbourne IVF) lead the team that achieved the world’s first pregnancy from ovarian tissue grafted in the anterior abdominal wall of a woman

This timeline demonstrates just how far-reaching our pioneering work has been. Dark grey events represent achievements from within the Virtus Health Group, light grey events represent achievements in the field of IVF generally: