Innovation and Translational Research

We adopt a translational and peer-reviewed approach to our research, ensuring we go from the bench to patient bedside as quickly as possible with innovative technology and treatments. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and embryo selection

We are leading an international study to determine whether the AI technology that we developed in partnership with and Vitrolife can shorten the time it takes a patient to fall pregnant.

The study will recruit 1,000 patients across our clinics in Australia, Ireland and Denmark and is evaluating the effectiveness of using AI in embryo selection. The AI performs a comprehensive three-dimensional assessment of the growth of embryos through all stages of development and then relates this data to the corresponding pregnancy outcomes. The system has taught itself to identify those embryos with the highest potential of developing a fetal heart, which is a good indicator of the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. The AI then allocates an EmbryoScore; the embryo with the highest score can be selected and transferred.

International medical and scientific community interest has grown in the Virtus-developed system, with publication of our early findings into artificial intelligence in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journal for fertility health, Human Reproduction.

In April 2019, Virtus Health and Harrison.AI announced the commercialisation of our artificial intelligence technology with Swedish company, Vitrolife, the world’s leader in time lapse incubation systems, to further develop the pioneering system.