Ivy artificial intelligence

We are the first providers of fertility treatment in the world to use this innovative technology which allows embryologists to identify the embryo most likely to develop as far as a fetal heart with the aim of achieving a successful pregnancy as quickly as possible.

Virtus Health scientists are the creators of an innovative technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the likelihood of a viable pregnancy prior to transferring an embryo in a woman undergoing IVF.

Called Ivy, the AI performs a comprehensive three-dimensional assessment of the growth of embryos through all stages of development and then relates this data to the corresponding pregnancy outcomes. Ivy has taught itself to identify those embryos with the highest potential of developing a fetal heart, which is a good indicator of the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. The AI then allocates an EmbryoScore; the embryo with the highest score can be selected and transferred.

Evaluation of the Ivy was conducted in Virtus Health clinics on data obtained from 10,638 embryos. These data were based on embryos cultured in time-lapse incubators from eight different IVF clinics, across four different countries, between January 2014 and December 2018.

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International medical and scientific community interest has grown in the Virtus-developed system, with publication of Ivy’s early findings in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journal for fertility health, Human Reproduction.

In April 2019, Virtus Health and Harrison.AI announced the commercialisation of Ivy with Swedish company, Vitrolife, the world’s leader in time lapse incubation systems, to further develop the pioneering system.