• The most advanced technology available

Our ‘One Lab’ strategy is designed to set a new benchmark in the delivery of scientific services to our patients.

To enable this vision we continue to introduce the most advanced technology to our labs, ensuring our patients’ safety and, ultimately, to improve our success rates. A leading piece of technology to come to Virtus is the EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator.

The EmbryoScope+ incubator is at the heart of our laboratories and enables our embryologists to monitor the growth of an embryo at every stage of development, taking a photo every 10 minutes over a five day period. Our scientific teams can study the live images without the need to touch or handle the embryo. It is these images that our Ivy Artificial Intelligence system studies to calculate a prediction of which embryo is most likely to develop as far a fetal heart. 

Virtus laboratories are also equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic witnessing system, called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This system detects and monitors all activity in the IVF laboratory, digitally tracking the identity of each patient’s eggs, sperm and the resulting embryo to provide added peace of mind for patients and embryology staff alike.