The power of our collaboration lies within our wide pool of experience and specialist knowledge. This provides a clear advantage as our specialists, nurses and scientists can reach out to anyone across the group at any time.

Collaboration happens formally at our annual meetings, where doctors and scientists review their clinics’ comparative success rates and discuss insights into new treatments as well as discussing opportunities for research and other joint projects.

The scientific and clinical collaboration within and between different regions ensures we maintain our best practice standards and procedures.

The size of the Virtus Health group, and the number of patients we treat, allows us to test new developments from within our network and internationally, bringing advances to our patients rapidly.

Ultimately, working together in this way ensures we provide better outcomes for our patients, faster.

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Collaboration between Nurses and Counsellors

Our donor nurses, PGD Nurses and fertility nurses all have the opportunity to focus on their area of interest and expertise, and share their experience with others.

Knowledge is shared at regular education sessions run by other nurses, doctors, genetic counsellors and pharmaceutical representatives.

Our highly specialist counseling teams are also frequently involved in complex case care. They act as patient advocates internally and externally and meet regularly  to discuss new ways of improving the psycho social aspects of patient care.