Community Involvement

As one of the world's largest network of fertility specialists, scientists and nurses, Virtus Health takes leadership on issues within the profession.

This puts us at the frontline of research and us to continually apply and assess new science in a diverse range of treatment cases.

University Attachments

One thing that sets Virtus Health apart is the fact that so many of our doctors continue to work in public hospitals and teach at universities. Our current university appointments include:

  • University of Melbourne (Associate Professor, Principal Fellows, Senior Research Fellows and Senior Lecturers)
  • University of Sydney (Lecturer)
  • University of NSW, School of Women’s and Children’s Health (Head of school)
  • University of NSW, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Professor and Head of discipline)
  • University of NSW, Medicine (Lecturer)
  • University of Queensland (Senior lecturers)

Fertility Society of Australia

In 2016, the following members of our group will play instrumental roles within the Fertility Society of Australia which is the peak body representing scientists, doctors, researchers, nurses, consumers and counsellors in reproductive medicine in Australia & New Zealand:

FSA Board Members:

  • Prof Michael Chapman, President (IVFAustralia)
  • Louise Younger (The Fertility Centre)

IVF Directors Group: David Molloy (Queensland Fertility Group)

Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association (ANZICA) Executive Committee members:

  • Marlene Mina (Hunter IVF)
  • Melissa Stephens (IVFAustralia)

Scientists in Reproductive Technologies (SIRT) committee members

  • Carolyn Hills (QFG)
  • Jenny Krapez (Melbourne IVF)
  • Chris Rolling (QFG)

Fertility Nurses of Australasia (FNA) committee members

  • Julie Findlay (TasIVF)
  • Jenny Marks (Melbourne IVF)
  • Melissa Strickland (The Fertility Centre)
  • Jessica Pulis (IVFAustralia)

Industry Collaboration

Our primary concern and focus is on ensuring our patients are supported and have access to appropriate treatments during their journey to parenthood. For example, we:

  • Work with government to protect patients’ rights to Medicare funding, by demonstrating the healthcare savings from single embryo transfer (reducing the risk of premature births in multiple pregnancies)
  • Lobby for consistent Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) legislation across the states (lobbying against the Victorian Criminal Record and Child Protection Order checks), and
  • Peter Illingworth, one of our Medical Directors, works with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH & MRC) to support and develop national standards in medical care, health and research.

GP Education

To ensure the best possible continuous patient care, we are committed to keeping GPs up to date with the latest developments in fertility science, through ongoing GP education programs across the group. We also provide fertility training for GP practice nurses.

Our nurses also manage high school education programs on fertility issues, discussing relevant topics such as the impact of STIs on fertility, and the effect of age on female fertility.

Nurse Education

One of our most experienced nurses is authorised to provide accreditation for specialist fertility nursing courses at the Australian Royal College of Nursing.