Our People

“We are where we are today because of the creativity and passion of all the people who work in our organisation. Our success comes from those working at every level.” Sue Channon, Group CEO, Virtus Health

To create a truly successful clinical network on the scale of Virtus Health, we need a committed, professional and dedicated team of doctors, nurses, scientists, administrators and managers.

We attract the best minds from around the world to our positive working environment, because they:

  • Share our primary focus on patient care and outcomes
  • Are looking for ongoing training and education from leading specialists in this field
  • Are committed to learning new techniques and international best practice
  • Want to feel they are empowered to excel, at all levels within the group
  • Enjoy collaborating with a diverse group of highly impressive and professional clinicians and management team to solve complex cases and provide patients with the best possible chance of having a family
  • Want a stimulating professional experience

Our Culture

We have a saying “Give people wings and they fly” If your staff believe that they matter and that their opinions matter then the company will also fly. All staff are encouraged to share ideas  for making a difference and for improvements anywhere in the organisation.

Career Opportunities

Interested in joining our team? Read about our current opportunities for fertility specialists.
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