• Virtus as a Service

    Virtus as a Service (VaaS)

Access world-class IVF operations

Virtus as a Service (VaaS) leverages Virtus Health’s world-leading operational, clinical and scientific frameworks, enabling private healthcare facilities and new investors all over the world to expand into the assisted reproductive services sector.

VaaS packages deliver the methodology and technology to create best-practice IVF operations and best-in-class success rates.
IVF clinic, laboratory and equipment

Using Virtus’ unique “One Lab: One Clinic” specifications, our specialists will help you design a world-class IVF clinic and laboratory.  In addition, we will provide g identification of and advice on key equipment, procurement, medical software, interoperability and data collection.

Employee and capability building

Virtus specialists will guide you on your staffing requirements, providing tailored job descriptions, recruitment assistance, and custom-built staff training programmes.  Training can be delivered in your clinic, remotely or at many of our Virtus locations. 

Quality Management and accreditation

To gain accreditation within your country’s legal compliance framework, our specialists will design and implement your clinic’s bespoke quality management system, providing access to hundreds of documents tailored to your clinic.   We will support you through the accreditation process and provide an ongoing compliance and quality framework.   

We will also provide training in compliance and accreditation, tailored for fertility clinics. 

Advanced fertility services, donor and genetic testing

Expand your offering through donor, surrogacy and genetics services, including support and training in running successful egg, sperm and embryo donation programmes, surrogacy pathways and pre-genetic testing programmes.

Advanced technology and Precision Fertilityᵀᴹ

Utilise Virtus technology to enhance the patient and clinical experience via our Fertility Eco-System.  Our software, Precision Fertilityᵀᴹ, includes a patient portal, a provider portal, a research platform, AI-based technologies and digital intermobility to enable connectivity of technology systems.

Ongoing collaboration, support and compliance

Leverage ongoing support and advice from Virtus IVF specialists, procurement and operational management.  We will support you in providing fertility services to the high standards of Virtus. 

Tailored partnerships, global expertise

The VaaS team help businesses to build successful operations in assisted reproductive services.  With tiered packages that are customisable to suit different needs and meet strict international accreditation standards, the VaaS methodology is an economical and scalable solution for healthcare operators to enter the IVF market.

Leveraging the in-house expertise of clinicians, scientists, nurses and operational management across Virtus’ global network, VaaS clients benefit from expert consultation and collaboration throughout their partnership.

The VaaS team have networks in Europe, South East Asia and Australia and are interested in connecting with businesses from across the globe.

Speak to the Vaas team to learn more.