10 May 2022

Nepean’s first low-cost IVF clinic opens to an all-female, multi-lingual team.

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The first low-cost IVF clinic in the Penrith area is now open, helping to give the local community access to affordable IVF and fertility treatments.

The Fertility Centre (TFC) offers local patients fertility treatments, complete fertility plans and IVF services. 
The clinic’s Clinical Director Dr Rabia Shaikh, an experienced fertility specialist and obstetrician, gynaecologist, has worked in the Nepean area for 14 years. 
“We are excited to open the clinic, located next to the Nepean Private and Public Hospital, and become part of the Nepean community, helping our patients fulfil their dreams of starting or growing their families,” said Dr Shaikh.
“I’m proud of the all-female team, who are highly experienced, multi-lingual and very well-known in the area. 
“Even though the clinic is new, the doctors at the clinic have been colleagues together in the Nepean area for many years,” said Dr Shaikh.
Dr Shaikh is looking forward to working with the local team, including the clinic’s highly skilled nurses, and the scientists who work in the clinic’s IVF laboratory, where patients’ egg and sperm are joined together outside the body in the protected laboratory environment. 
“Our new IVF laboratory at Nepean is in fact the first one to be built in Australia using the OneLab design strategy. It aims to deliver significant improvements in technology, safety and IVF science to help increase pregnancy success rates,” said Dr Shaikh.
The Fertility Centre is part of Australia's leading fertility services provider Virtus Health (the other clinics that sit within the Virtus Health family include IVFAustralia, Melbourne IVF, Queensland Fertility Group and TasIVF). 
Dr Shaikh said OneLab was created after drawing on the collective experience of all Virtus Health’s IVF clinics and their global expertise of laboratory design. 
“It really does set a new benchmark for IVF laboratories for our patients,” said Dr Shaikh.
Dr Shaikh is fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, and looks forward to welcoming new patients to the clinic.  

Established in 2011, The Fertility Centre now has eight clinics across Australia: Dandenong, Preston & Werribee, VIC: Nepean, Liverpool & Wollongong, Sydney; Benowa Gold Coast & Springwood, QLD. 

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