• Diversity and Inclusion

    Everyone is welcome here.

A passion for diversity, equity and inclusion

We are a behaviours over beliefs organisation.

We believe everyone has a right to their own personal views and we don't try to change that. However, we do hold people accountable for their actions and behaviours towards others at work. And we're committed to making our workplace a safe, equitable and inclusive place for everyone. 

We treat everyone equally, choosing language - verbal, non-verbal and in our written literature - which is inclusive and respectful of all genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, religions and abilities. Our diversity program operates under the fundamental principle that a person’s background, beliefs and practices are not a barrier to participation in our workforce.

How we encourage active allyship

Read our Diversity & Inclusion policy.

We're proud to be bridging the gender pay gap

How we will build a more inclusive culture.

Read our Ally Network Charter.

Our partnerships

Pride in Health and Wellbeing
AWEI Bronze Status
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Pinnacle Foundation

Benchmarking our progress

To ensure we continuously improve in our LGBTQ+ Inclusion work, we participate in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) and Health & Wellbeing Equality Index (HWEI) annually. 

  • AWEI benchmarks our inclusivity as an employer
  • HWEI benchmarks our inclusivity as a service provider

First AWEI submission score: 11/200

The catalyst for change!


AWEI score: 67/200

Progress: an increase of 56 points.


First HWEI submission score: 41/100

A solid benchmark to improve upon.


Second HWEI submission: 40/100

Consistent, and still work to do!


Third AWEI submission: 97/200

Forward momentum! We saw a 44% improvement year-on-year.


Third HWEI submission: 40/100

Consistency with our services as our work continues.


AWEI Bronze Status!

We are thrilled to achieve Bronze Status, scoring 68/80 for the AWEI Foundation Submission. This submission is valid for three years, until 2026. Our goal during this period is to work towards Silver Status.