27 February 2024

Virtus Health’s 2023 WGEA results

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Virtus Health

Virtus has long been a champion of gender equal pay. The 2023 WGEA report shows that women employed at Virtus are paid, on average, 4.8% more than men.

Additional data highlights that women continue to play a pivotal role across our operations, with 88% of new appointments and 79% of internal promotions being female.

We are proud of these results which show the strides that Virtus has made to bridge the gender pay gap. Through gender pay analysis and our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have been successfully building a workplace where teamwork, respect and equality are lived values.

As an organisation, Virtus plays an important role for many women, as we provide services to support them on their path to parenthood. We are advocates for gender equality - both at work and within the community at large.

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