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Home to a leading team of fertility experts.

Our leading team of fertility specialists, scientists, nurses, counsellors and operational professionals, who are dedicated to delivering the highest level of patient care and outcomes.

We have fertility clinics across Australia's eastern seaboard, and in Ireland, Denmark, the UK and Singapore. Our people collaborate and share expertise to drive innovation and improvements across our services globally.


IVFAustralia’s market leadership in Australian reproductive medicine spans more than 25 years and its founding doctors were part of the team that managed the conception and delivery of the first IVF child born in NSW in 1983.

IVFAustralia has 15 locations across NSW including three day hospitals. Many IVFAustralia fertility specialists are qualified to the highest level, undertaking an additional three years training to specialise in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (Certificate of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, or CREI), accredited by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

IVFAustralia is at the forefront of clinical and scientific research, playing a pivotal role in introducing laboratory technologies to enhance patient outcomes, including:

  • Pioneers of Ivy Artificial Intelligence, technology that more accurately and objectively selects the best embryo for transfer was developed in IVFAustralia laboratories.
  • The first to use PolScope; polarised light used to see where genetic material is stored in the egg when performing Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). 
  • Leaders in Digital High Magnification; to select optimal sperm, increasing success rates for couples with recurrent miscarriage, low sperm morphology or high levels of sperm DNA damage.

IVFAustralia also partners with specialists in regional areas so that patients in these areas can access high quality fertility services. 

Visit www.ivf.com.au for more information.

Melbourne IVF

Melbourne IVF has attracted some of the country’s leading fertility specialists, each providing the highest level of personalised treatment. Most are specialists who originally trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and now dedicate their practice to Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

Founding doctors, Ian Johnston and John McBain were part of the Melbourne Egg Project, the collaborative team responsible for the pioneering work that conceived and delivered Australia’s first IVF child in 1980.

Melbourne IVF was also responsible for the first permanent regional IVF clinic, established in Albury in 1988. Ten years later Melbourne IVF undertook the first full karyotype from single cell embryo biopsy in Australia, leading the way in IVF genetics.

With a long-established commitment to remain at the forefront of scientific improvements and research, the Melbourne IVF team aims to continuously advance the success of patient outcomes through research into:

  • Fertility Preservation
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  • Andrology, and 
  • Psychosocial implications in fertility.

Melbourne IVF specialists and scientists believe that research is crucial for making assisted reproduction even more successful and strive for ongoing knowledge expansion and improvement.

Visit www.mivf.com.au to find out more.

Queensland Fertility Group

Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) is the state’s leading network of fertility clinics, providing patients with one of Queensland’s highest success rates as a result of aligning the most experienced group of specialists and scientists. 

QFG’s founders, Dr John Hennessy and Dr Doug Keeping were responsible for the conception and delivery of Queensland’s first IVF conceived children (twins), born in 1984. The QFG also created the first pregnancy from embryo freezing in 1986, and the first pregnancy from egg freezing in 2005.

QFG understand that having the choice of a clinic near home or work is important to patients and its network includes seven clinics across Queensland and over 25 specialists throughout the state, from Cairns to the Gold Coast. The state-wide network provides a complete range of fertility treatments from IUI through to advanced IVF.

QFG also has a centre of excellence in Endocrinology research which ensures consistent delivery of success rates among the best in Australia and the world.

Visit www.qfg.com.au to find out more.


TasIVF has been helping people start their families since the early 1980s and is Tasmania’s longest serving and most successful IVF Unit. Establishing the state’s first IVF clinic in 1983, the first ‘TasIVF baby’ was born a year later and today, TasIVF is behind one in every 23 births in Tasmania.

The most comprehensive provider of IVF and fertility treatments and services in the state, TasIVF’s primary and purpose-built clinic, laboratory and day hospital is located in Hobart, with an established consulting centre in Launceston, enabling it to provide fertility services and IVF treatment to all of Tasmania. 

Visit www.tasivf.com.au for more information.

The Fertility Centre

The Fertility Centre brings together a team of highly experienced fertility specialists, nurses and IVF scientists to provide affordable IVF and help more people achieve their dream of having a child.

The Fertility Centre's goal is to provide patients with quality IVF treatment at a lower price compared to a full service fertility and IVF clinic. The key behind the significantly lower IVF treatment costs is our simplified and standard IVF treatment model. The Fertility Centre is ideal for patients that:

  • Are concerned about not falling pregnant and are searching for answers and expert advice
  • Have already seen a gynaecologist or fertility specialist who has recommended IVF treatment or other infertility options (such as IUI), or 
  • Have already undergone infertility treatment with a different IVF centre and are feeling the financial pressure that often comes with IVF treatment costs

The Fertility Centre clinics are currently located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Liverpool, Wollongong and on the Gold Coast.

Visit www.thefertilitycentre.com.au to find out more.

Sims IVF

Sims IVF is Ireland’s number one fertility clinic. Since 1997, we have cared for thousands of patients needing treatment to realise their dream of having a baby, as well as having helped pioneer IVF technology in Ireland. We strive to bring the joy of a family to those who need help with their fertility and to assist people in a confidential, professional and caring manner. Our mission is to provide hope to all those that need help starting families. Our vision is to be at the forefront of assisted reproductive technology and support.

Our vision is centred around our core values which are outlined below:

  • S - Support throughout your entire journey
  • I - Innovation, science and advanced care
  • M - Mindful of you emotional and physical wellbeing
  • S - Success Rates - we are proud of how many families we have helped create

Sims IVF became part of the Virtus Health family in 2014. As part of Virtus Health, one of the world’s leading fertility groups, we share experience and knowledge from around the world ensuring you get access to the very best reproductive medical care.

We have fertility clinics in Clonskeagh (South Dublin), Swords (North Dublin) and Cork (South Ireland) that offer comprehensive fertility testing as well as a complete range of fertility treatments to maximise your chance of having a baby. We also have a satellite clinic in Carlow (Midlands) providing ultrasound and blood testing facilities for patients in that region.

At Sims IVF we have a holistic approach to treatment and our team are here to support you every step of the way.

Visit www.sims.ie for more information.

Aagaard Fertility Clinic

Aagaard Fertility Clinic, founded in 2004, is the leading Danish fertility clinic outside Copenhagen and at the forefront of fertility medical development. The clinic offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments and advanced scientific technologies including a gynaecology clinic and sperm bank.

Aagaard was the first fertility clinic in Scandinavia to offer pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and pre-implantation genetic screening. All services are provided from a modern purpose built facility which is strategically positioned close to the Aarhus University hospital, the second largest public hospital in Scandinavia.

Visit www.aagaardklinik.dk for more information.

Trianglen Fertility Clinic

Trianglen Fertility Clinic, established in 1993, has grown to become one of the leading fertility clinics in Copenhagen, Denmark. Trianglen is located approximately 15 minutes from the Copenhagen city centre in the diplomatic district of Hellerup, easily accessible via car, bus and train for the local community and 30 minutes from the airport for international patients.

Led by Kåre Rygaard, Medical Director and founder, the team at Trianglen provide a highly regarded full and comprehensive range of fertility treatments and advanced scientific technologies. Joining the group in June 2018, the addition of Trianglen expands the Virtus Health network to approximately 15% of the Danish fertility market. 

Visit www.trianglen.dk for more information.

Complete Fertility Centre

Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton was established in 2011 and is a leading fertility clinic on the south coast of Britain. Complete Fertility has approximately 50% of the regional market share providing fertility treatments to private and NHS patients via the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (“UHS”).

Led by the founding directors, Professor Ying Cheong and Julia Paget, the centre is at the forefront of fertility research, and recognised as one of the National Training centres for ARS, hosting training programs for reproductive scientists and clinicians.

Complete Fertility offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments and advanced scientific technologies including time-lapse imaging of embryos, a highly successful egg donation programme and innovative procedures including ovarian tissue cryopreservation.

Visit www.completefertility.co.uk for more information. 

Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore

The Virtus Fertility Centre is one of the largest dedicated fertility centres in Singapore and South-East Asia, providing consultation and monitoring services, with its own theatres and embryo transfer rooms connected to a clean room laboratory, ensuring optimal care for developing embryos.

Visit www.virtusfertilitycentre.com.sg for more information.


IVF(SG) was established in 2023 with the goal of making fertility treatments more affordable for the Singapore community.

A sister clinic of Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore, IVF(SG) is backed by Virtus' advanced scientific and clinical practices, delivered by a team of fertility experts. Offering all-inclusive pricing, a rotating roster of the country's leading Fertility Specialists, and access to Virtus' world-class IVF laboratory, IVF(SG) gives people struggling with infertility greater access to IVF services. 

Visit https://ivfsg.com.sg/ for more information.