6 December 2011

14th World Congress on Human Reproduction Success

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Virtus Health reinforced its leadership in research and innovation in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology at the recent 14th World Congress on Human Reproduction.

Our people contributed more content to the conference than all the other groups combined, and were awarded the majority of prizes for the quality of that content.

A total of 26 presentations were delivered across the group including 14 from Melbourne IVF, 7 from Queensland Fertility Group, and 5 from IVFAustralia.

Virtus Health clinics also won three out of the five prizes for research presentations including:

  • Best Paper by a Nurse – QFG; Donna Close
  • Best Scientist Paper – Melbourne IVF; Leeanda Wilton and
  • Best Poster Presentation - IVF Australia; Belinda Verney.

In addition, Virtus Health’s role in providing session chairpersons reflected the respect in which its professionals are held within the ART profession in Australia.

The 14th World Congress on Human Reproduction was held in Melbourne, Australia from 30 November to 3 December 2011. The Fertility Society of Australia and Academy of Human Reproduction hosted the event.

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