23 May 2017

Australia's highest scientific honour bestowed on Professor David Gardner

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Professor David Gardner internationally renowned clinical embryologist, highly acclaimed researcher and educator in the field of reproductive medicine receives the rare and esteemed honour of induction to the Australian Academy of Science, for his outstanding contributions to science and in particular women’s reproductive health.

"Having spent the last 30 years of my life dedicated to helping infertile couples reach their dream of having a family, being elected into the Academy is not only a great honour, but also wonderful recognition of my team's tireless work,” said Professor Gardner, Professor Melbourne University and scientific advisor to Melboune IVF, part of Australia’s leading fertility group Virtus Health.

“My life’s work has been on exploring the role of embryo development and selection to decrease the time to achieve a pregnancy, which has emotional, physical and financial benefits for patients. My team’s focus is on fertilisation and an embryo’s development over five days to a blastocyst, through to implantation. Looking at how the embryo interacts with its environment, what nutrients it utilises and how it metabolises those nutrients is key to future success.

In a ceremony at the Shine Dome in Canberra last night alongside twenty of Australia’s best scientists Professor Gardner’s contributions to research were acknowledged. Excerpt form Australian Academy of Science announcement:

It all began with his basic animal research which laid the foundation for major clinical developments in human IVF. His research has not only significantly improved animal assisted reproduction and breeding programs, but has transformed how human in vitro fertilisation is performed, resulting in significant increases in human pregnancy rates and the birth of millions of children worldwide. His work facilitated the now widely-accepted single embryo transfer and thereby eliminated problems associated with twin/triplet pregnancies. His specialised and improved culture media made it possible to isolate human embryonic stem cells. For further information see the Australian Academy of Science video »

Virtus Health congratulates and acknowledges the significant contribution Professor Gardner has made to reproductive science internationally. “We are incredibly proud and privileged to have Professor Gardner as part of our leading minds team now. Our collective scientific, medical and extended specialist team are inspired by his ongoing research initiatives and infectious passion for driving scientific innovation which delivers clinical excellence in reproductive health for our patients,” said Ms Sue Channon Group Chief Executive Virtus Health.

“We look forward to the contribution David will make as part of our team as we strive to find new and advanced solutions for achieving success for our patients," said Dr Lyndon Hale, Medical Director Melbourne IVF and Virtus Board member.

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