19 February 2021

CooperSurgical and Virtus Health Announce Multi-Year Collaboration

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Two leading reproductive health companies joining forces to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

CooperSurgical, a leader in women’s healthcare solutions, announced a multi-year strategic collaboration, commencing this month with Virtus Health, a leading global assisted reproductive services provider, to drive innovation, digitalization and advancement in fertility treatment. 

Infertility affects approximately 15% of couples worldwide, an estimated 48.5 million couples. 

Central to the collaboration will be the advancement of Precision Fertility – Virtus’ strategy to develop an innovative digital platform that harness the power of Virtus’ significant and unique data set and enhances clinical and scientific decisions with insights gained via AI and machine learning.

By combining CooperSurgical’s scientific leadership, illustrated by its position at the vanguard of pre-implantation genetic testing with its revolutionary PGTaiSM technology platform, and the applied medical expertise of Virtus, the collaboration will spearhead projects to benefit patients’ fertility journeys, including those who need egg, sperm or embryo donations, with a focus on digitalisation, cryogenics and reproductive genetics.

Together, Virtus and CooperSurgical will work to develop enhanced processes and systems that guide laboratory management optimisation and improve patient treatment outcomes.

“This collaboration exemplifies CooperSurgical’s commitment to advancing the world of fertility and moves us forward in our aim to positively impact every IVF patient - every cycle, every embryo and every outcome,” said Holly Sheffield, President, CooperSurgical. "By harnessing our complementary strengths within fertility technology and care, we aim to improve standards of treatments to optimize the patient journey.”

“Virtus is a high-performing organisation committed to operational excellence as well as clinical and scientific innovation,” said Kate Munnings, Virtus Health Group CEO. “This partnership will advance our cutting-edge science and technology, allowing us to offer patients the most advanced IVF services.” 

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