15 October 2014

Employers Offering Egg Freezing for Female Staff

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Virtus Health, the leading provider of fertility treatment and egg freezing in Australia, described the news of Facebook and Apple offering female staff egg freezing to preserve their fertility as recognition by two of the world’s most innovative companies, that this technology has come of age and is a real option for fertility preservation.

“Our fertility specialists are seeing an increasing number of women enquiring about freezing their eggs for future fertility, understanding that their fertility declines as they age and that they are not in a position to have a baby at this time, fertility preservation offers women a real option for a future family,” said Dr David Molloy, Medical Director Queensland Fertility Group.
Virtus Health believes in work family balance and the importance of women to have their family and achieve success in their career. Virtus Health is focussed on achieving pregnancy for women and we recognise fertility preservation is an appropriate option.
“Virtus helps its own employees if they require fertility treatment and we would extend this to egg freezing if it is an appropriate option for them personally,” said Dr Lyndon Hale, Medical Director, Melbourne IVF and a Director of Virtus Health.
Virtus Health the country’s leading provider of fertility treatment and preservation is well placed to provide this fertility preservation technology having achieved through our Queensland Fertility Group clinic the world first medical journal report of a social egg freezing pregnancy in 2005 and Melbourne IVF has made a  major contribution to the development of egg freezing internationally over many years. The technology is available across all fertility clinics in the Virtus Health Group.

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