29 February 2012

Investing in the Health of Mackay

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Mackay Specialist Day Hospital (formerly Mackay Day Surgery) was acquired by Virtus Health in February 2012. It is now managed by our Queensland Fertility Group team and a significant investment into its future has already begun.

The purchase of additional equipment and instrumentation is allowing operating sessions to be extended in order to meet the growing demands of the Mackay community.

Pam Barrett, a local resident with many years experience in the provision of health services in the Mackay district, has been appointed Director of Nursing.  All of the existing staff are enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide increased and improved services to the Mackay community.

Mackay Specialist Day Hospital (MSDH) will continue to provide a home to vital IVF services; an issue the Mackay community vocally expressed their support for over the last 5 months.  One in six Australian couples has trouble falling pregnant and Queensland Fertility Group's Mackay Senior Fertility Specialist Dr Lance Herron said “We look forward to helping more couples in the Mackay community fulfil their dream of having a child”.

The process of how Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) established IVF services in Mackay was a world first, with Brisbane based staff initially travelling to Mackay several times a year, bringing equipment and personnel to the region. QFG Mackay is now a permanent local unit which is fully accredited by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) and assisting couples in all areas of infertility as well as gynaecology and obstetrics.

QFG is confident that by continually improving theatre services, and with the support of local surgeons, the Mackay Specialist Day Hospital will not only continue to meet the needs of IVF patients, but also enable the local professionals to meet the broader surgical needs of the Mackay community. The three theatre facility also supports ophthalmic surgery, plastic surgery, urology, male infertility, gynaecology (including laparoscopic procedures), upper limb orthopaedics, and dental and cosmetic surgery.

QFG is part of Virtus Health, one of Australia’s largest specialist health networks. With a hospital portfolio of six, Virtus Health provides quality support to a range of clinical specialties and brings together Australia’s leading expertise and resources in IVF services, specialist day hospitals, medical diagnostics and advanced science and research.

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