28 November 2022

Jorge Silveira: top 20 CIO

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One year and four months ago, Virtus Health’s Chief Digital Health Officer, Jorge Silveira, commenced the build of the Precision Fertilityᵀᴹ Digital Platform; Virtus’ custom-designed technology solution to digitize the fertility journey for patients, doctors and employees. Today, PFDP is one month away from its first go-live in Tasmania.

It's no small feat to create a system from scratch that is configurable by organisation, geography, regulatory jurisdictions and any health service specialisation, anywhere in the world. To do it in less than 18 months is nothing short of exceptional. 

As Jorge explains, the PFDP journey has been his biggest challenge and greatest reward: “PFDP is the first of its kind and there is no manual to follow. Of course, we’ve made mistakes along the way, and we’ve learnt from them. The mistakes are what help us perfect the platform. It’s incredible to think that we’re creating the model for the future – PFDP will help shape fertility practice for many years to come.”

Working with a dedicated team and technology partner (DC2Vue), Jorge has worked at a frenetic pace, achieving significant milestones throughout 2022. The result of which landed him a spot in the top 20 CIOs in Australia at the CIO50 awards in November. 

“The recognition is not just for me; it is for my entire team. It gives us a good boost as we reach the end of the build, reminding us to keep pushing the bar,” Jorge explains.

PFDP is now fully scalable and able to be augmented with the consumption of external services such as radiology, pathology, mental health, financial reporting as well as third-party products and services. 

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with people across Virtus who entrust me to deliver this significant programme of work. They took a leap of faith with me and that has been a blessing,” said Jorge.

Ultimately PFDP is designed to support the number one goal for both our workforce and our patients – to improve outcomes; to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy and to speed up the time to pregnancy. And, when it comes to the future, the sky’s the limit, with PFDP developed in a way that will enable it to be fit-for-purpose for any healthcare organisation seeking better ways to manage complex patient information.

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