15 February 2024

Virtus fund three educational scholarships for young LGBTQIA+ Australians

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Virtus are proud to fund three scholarships through the Pinnacle Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that provides educational scholarships and mentoring to young LGBTQIA+ Australians, supporting them through their studies and to reach their full potential.

The 2024 scholars have been announced and all share a connection with medicine and healthcare. We are delighted to supported them through their education.

Queensland Fertility Group Scholar: Xanthe Inglis (she/her), Bachelor of Midwifery

"My goal is to lead and train midwives and other maternal health professionals on cultural safety for rainbow families. A new addition to a rainbow family can often be a complicated process, from the challenges of conception, to how parents are treated outside of the ‘normal’ ‘one mum and one dad’ family, as well as the potential for the experience to be traumatising for trans and non-binary folk."

Learn more about Xanthe.

IVFAustralia Scholar: Ian Burton (he/him), Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine

"I hope to practice medicine rurally and assist in clinical teaching for medical students. Additionally, I seek to shape current medical practice through informing medical legislation, as a doctor not a politician, or taking an administrative role in a medical college such as the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine diversity and equity board."

Learn more about Ian.

Melbourne IVF Scholar: Lois Segun-Beloved (she/her), fourth-year medical student 

"In my pursuit of a healthcare career, I am passionate about combining my dedication to inclusivity, advocacy, and positive change. I am drawn to specialties like anaesthetics, pain management, and sexual and reproductive health that align with my values. I believe that everyone deserves comprehensive care, regardless of their background. I hope to contribute to a more inclusive healthcare system."

Learn more about Lois.

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