13 April 2022

Virtus Health brand campaign taps new reality for many Australian families

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Virtus Health

  • Reflects strong post-pandemic demand for fertility treatment services 
  • Highlights collaborative patient care and competitive strength in Precision Fertility™ 
Virtus Health has launched a new brand campaign that celebrates today’s modern families and reflects the reality that almost one in 16 babies in Australia are born through IVF. 

The Your Family Fertility campaign, produced by Melbourne-based agency, The Open Arms, encapsulates the real impact fertility treatment has for families who need it. 

Kate Munnings, Virtus Health CEO said: “With one child in every classroom conceived via assisted reproduction, we wanted a campaign that speaks to the reality that many people need assistance when trying to create a family. We also wanted to emphasise the support we offer those people through the compassion of our staff and specialists, as well as our ambition to provide more personalised services via our increasing Precision Fertility™ capability. 

“The sustained demand for assisted reproductive services can be attributed to a number of factors including biological, societal and economic reasons.  The age of parents continues to rise and there is growing number of LGBTQIA+ families and solo mum families.  There is an increase in community acceptance of seeking assisted reproductive services and it has also become more affordable for many people, via increasing Medicare support and scientific innovations improving time to pregnancy for many people. 

“The Your Fertility Family campaign highlights our teams’ passion and how they work together to achieve the best outcomes for people wanting to become parents,” said Ms Munnings.  

According to Kate Munnings, the campaign is based on real-life fertility stories. 
“The Your Fertility Family campaign features staff from across Virtus Health’s brands, together with actors to tell real fertility stories. The stories don’t shy away from the different kinds of reasons people might need to turn to fertility treatment to start or grow a family,” said Ms Munnings. 

Kate Munnings said the collaborative approach highlighted in the campaign mirrors Virtus Health’s Precision Fertility™ strategy. 

“Precision Fertility™ is Virtus Health’s global initiative that we will be launching at the end of 2022, which will connect our entire fertility care system in one virtual place, providing an enhanced experience for our patients, our staff and specialists and our partners.

“We behave as one fertility family from the science in the IVF lab through to fertility care, supporting some of the 15,000 families created each year by IVF, and by utilising data to obtain insights we continually strive to augment clinical experience. With our Precision Fertility™ Digital Platform, we’ll have the ability to quickly analyse data using artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, to provide personal insights with the aim of improving individuals IVF success,” said Ms Munnings. 

The Open Arms Co-Founder and Creative Director, Jess Lilley, says: "We wanted to encapsulate the real impact fertility treatment has for families who need it, while also reflecting the level of pride and humility we encountered across every level of Virtus Health,” said Ms Lilley.

The campaign will launch across social media, outdoor, BVOD and digital to support Virtus Health brands nationally (IVFAustralia, Melbourne IVF, Tas IVF and Queensland Fertility Group) and in Singapore from mid-April.

Virtus Health brings together leading specialists, scientists, researchers and support staff to provide the very best in fertility care. With 126 of the world’s leading fertility specialists supported by over 1300 professional staff, Virtus Health has developed one of the most successful ARS collaborations in the world. It is the largest network and provider of fertility services in Australia, Ireland and Denmark, Singapore and UK.

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Here’s the link to watch the new 45 second ad.

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