31 August 2011

Virtus Health launches Advanced Embryo Selection in Australia

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New IVF service now available for Australian patients - Advanced Embryo Selection increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Virtus Health is proud to announce the availability of the world's fastest and most precise embryo selection test. This test, using the established 24sureTM methodology, screens all the chromosomes in a developing embryo, allowing selection of an embryo with a normal chromosome number and therefore the greatest likelihood of pregnancy success.

The key benefit of Advanced Embryo Selection is the test's ability to provide overnight results. A day 3 embryo is biopsied so that, with rapid results, your IVF cycle can continue uninterrupted enabling a fresh embryo transfer. This provides the highest chance of success as the embryo does not need to be frozen.

Our team is a leader in the development of Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH), the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) technique on which this new test is based.

This new approach to embryo selection:

  • Screens all whole chromosomes in a developing embryo which allows us to precisely select the best embryo with the greatest chance of IVF success;
  • Provides overnight results - because we know every minute matters;
  • Allows your IVF treatment to continue uninterrupted enabling a fresh embryo transfer without any negative effects from freezing and thawing.

Advanced Embryo Selection™ preimplantation genetic diagnosis, a quantum improvement in IVF, is indicated for people who are:

  • Over 38, or
  • Have a history of miscarriage, or
  • Have experienced repeated unsuccessful IVF.

Advanced Embryo Selection™ preimplantation genetic diagnosis, builds on CGH preimplantation genetic diagnosis using the robust 24Sure test, which is based on technology that has been used in more than 250,000 clinical genetic tests internationally, and is now being successfully used in IVF PGD.

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