2 February 2023

Virtus Health takes viewers behind the scenes for Nine’s Big Miracles

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Nine’s ground-breaking series Big Miracles – which premieres on Monday, February 6 – was filmed exclusively in Virtus Health’s clinics: IVF Australia, Queensland Fertility Group, Melbourne IVF and The Fertility Centre. 

The Virtus Health team was instrumental in creating the original idea for Big Miracles, to help increase fertility awareness and create a heightened sense of understanding in the community around infertility.

The captivating new series follows 10 brave couples and individuals as they experience the highs, lows, and sheer determination of trying to become a parent. The series shares honest stories, some which end with the joy of a baby, and others that sadly do not.

Big Miracles showcases just how diverse, and how common it is to require the support of assisted reproductive services to help people become parents. 

Virtus Health’s CEO Kate Munnings said: “We hope Big Miracles encourages more open conversations about infertility and IVF, and leads to better understanding and support for those experiencing it.”

Filmed over 18-months, Virtus Health gave producer Ronde Media and the Big Miracles film crew real-time access to the entire IVF process, including clinic staff and inside the all-important IVF laboratories.

Big Miracles highlights the commitment and the expertise of the staff who are dedicated to helping people achieve their dream of becoming parents. It shows the important roles played by the fertility specialists, embryologists, scientists, nurses and counsellors as they give people the best possible chance of parenthood. 

Infertility impacts one in six couples; and one in 18 babies born in Australia is now conceived via IVF. Virtus Health wanted to be part of a documentary where fertility treatment is explained by those experiencing it; to help increase fertility awareness and break down the last remaining social stigmas of IVF.

The Virtus Health team is proud to be a part of Big Miracles; we are grateful to the brave couples and individuals who shared their stories to help others; and we are proud of our clinic staff and fertility specialists who support their IVF journeys.

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