12 October 2018

Virtus Health's leading minds present at international symposium

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Virtus Health's leading minds in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and PCOS management were invited to present at the 2018 American Society for Reproductive Medicine symposium (ASRM) held in Denver, Colorado, this week one of the largest ART scientific meetings internationally. 

Aengus Tran, Chief Data Scientist at Harrison-AI and co-developer with Dr Simon Cooke, Scientific Director at IVFAustralia, of Ivy, Virtus Health's artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has presented the latest data on our system and its accuracy at ASRM. The ASRM organisers recognised the significance of this work for the future of ART including it in a conference media release.

This is the largest collaboration that Virtus Health has entered into with eight laboratories across four countries contributing data to Ivy. To date Ivy has correctly identified when a particular embryo will progress to fetal heartbeat with 93% accuracy using more than 10,000 embryos from 1,603 patients aged between 22 and 50 (7.3 million images have been analysed).

Dr Michael Costello, fertility specialist at IVFAustralia, also presented at ASRM as co-author of the first ever “international evidence-based guidelines on PCOS”. The international guidelines were approved by the Australian NHMRC and launched at ESHRE in July. A summary of the recommendations were published simultaneously in three leading international journals following the launch, and the Medical Journal of Australia also published the local translation and implementation guide on 1st October 2018.

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